On behalf of the Students of the University of Port Harcourt, we congratulate PROF. NDOWA E. S. LALE and his various team players(Governing Council) for the vast and rapid development of the University of Port Harcourt both academically, infrastructural and entrepreneurial advancement of our prestigious citadel of learning (Uniport)

However, it will interest you to note that yesterday being the 12th of May, 2020 The erudite Prof took an iconic bow from the most prestigious University of Port Harcourt on a leave but his tenure Terminates on the 12th of July,2020.

We praise the Almighty God for the safe arrival and successful handover of the Vice-Chancellorship of the University of Port Harcourt to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), Professor REGINA E. OGALI pending the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor our Unique citadel of learning.

Heartily, we unreservedly give gratitude to the Almighty God and thank Professor NDOWA E.S. LALE who came, Conquered and Straightened the pace and restructured a stiff necked University system took over from the 7th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, Emeritus Professor JOSEPH ATUBOKIKI AJIENKA to the Glory of God.

You will recall that Professor NDOWA E.S. LALE assumed the VCship office for the first time on July 13, 2015, while his second coming was on July 1, 2016, following the lifting of his suspension from office by the Federal Ministry of Education. In his commitment to ensure that the institution is focused on learning/character building and of course expanding the system to much more innovativeness, to mention but a few. For which He has enhance the teaching/learning processes and provision to develop the (Students) and Staff(s) of the University holistically.

To add to the above mentioned, there are indeed no achievements without obstacles. Undoubtedly, the Vice Chancellor, Professor NDOWA E.S. LALE has bagged tremendous and obvious achievements since his appointment as the 8th Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt.

1. August 12, 2016, on his bid to resolve and eliminate all forms of criminal activities in and around the University Community, Professor NDOWA, staged a patriotic call to flush and fight criminal elements in and outside the University environment.

2. The Vice-Chancellor for his commitment to enhanced service delivery and staff welfare, aptly provisioned the School of General Studies, to the actualization of a new GES Unit. Like a dream, you will recall that the GES Unit Extension at Choba Park, for years, was among one of the oldest buildings. But, with a Modern day Professor, the Building took a new shape as though, it left Egypt to Canaan; with a building befitting GES Unit Building which enabled Staff(s) discharge their statutory responsibilities to students.

3. To foster Academic excellence, the completion of the World Bank building project, furnished with a state-of-the-art equipment at the IPS Park, UNIPORT, with a charge to the ACE leadership to break more grounds was commissioned. The building which houses offices, lecture and conference halls, a modern language laboratory, video conferencing facilities, and e-library with full Internet access World Bank Africa Center of Excellence for Oilfield Chemicals Research (ACE-CEFOR), is just among the few achievements of the 8th Vice Chancellor, of the University of Port Harcourt in the person of Professor NDOWA E. S. LALE.

4. Like the popular adage recites: “To He much is given; Much is required”. Undoubtedly, is the case of a mandate as iterated by action where the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ndowa Lale, vehemently condemned the practice, where he directed all illegal levies outside the statutorily approved payments and directed an immediate end to the collection of unapproved charges from students by some Departments and Faculties.

The Vice-Chancellor, accordingly, issued a warning to all Departments and Faculties that had collected such unapproved payments to refund the affected students with immediate effect.

5. Indeed, when a leadership is enjoyed, others emulate the Good stringent step and enjoin to maintain the quest. So is true for the University of Port Harcourt 8th Vice Chancellor, Professor NDOWA E. S. LALE pursued Peace, Tranquility, Academic excellence and a path of Good will for the good image of the University both far and wide. Academic Infrastructures are not exceptional as a tour around the University during his tenure as the Vice Chancellor, has birthed tremendous achievements of new and restructured developments to both Staff(s) and Students.

6. He eradicated cultism, he instilled discipline into the staff(s) students and lecturers and also attracted the building of a new Arena into the University of Port Harcourt by the Rivers State Government. He enhanced security and there was uninterrupted power supply in the student community during his reign.

He is of course a Human that has flaws but God empowered him to successfully complete his tenure in the service of the Nigerian Students.


God bless Unique Uniport!
God bless Nigerian Students!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

Comr. Serekara Fyneface Jnr
Director of Information
Saturday, 13th May, 2020

Comr. Sowari D. Dikibo (GCFRU)
Executive President
The Aluta General Commander

Congratulations Professor Ndowa Lale Sunday - 8th vice chancellor, University of Port Harcourt

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