With love and great pleasure, we introduce to you the SUG CGPA CHECKER TOOL” (version 1.0), an online web app that was introduced for the Unique students of the University of Port Harcourt.

Statistically, 70% of students’ don’t know how his or her RESULTS is been calculated! “this is too too cruddy” Imagine you working and doesn’t know how your salary is been calculated, you could be cheated or will never know how to improve on your work to earn more!

As a student,it’s a must to know how your result is being calculated. This prompted the Student Union of the University of Port Harcourt to come up with a digital technique for students to easily check their GPA/CGPA.


This GPA/CGPA online checker tool was made very easy to use, you can check your result using;

  • By Using Letter Grades or
  • By Percentage (0 – 100%)

You will have to type in your course name, Course grade and Course Unit. You can add more courses by clicking the “ADD MORE” button.

NOTE: When you’re done hit the calculator button to get your GPA

  • The second phase is the CGPA checker, here requires that you input your 1st semester and 2nd semester GPA to the box and also include to total units from both semesters. This calculator produces your result within seconds.

sug uniport online cgpa checker tool

The introduction of this tool (SUG CGPA CHECKER TOOL) became necessary in order for University of Port Harcourt students to have easy and fast access to check and compute their results without making any errors.

With the introduction of this tool, freshers and returning students will always know their academic performance.

sug uniport online cgpa checker tool

This tool will run alongside the official website of SUG Uniport.

sug uniport online cgpa checker tool

sug uniport online cgpa checker tool

Here is the link to access the CGPA checker tool.. UNIPORT CGPA ONLINE CHECKER TOOL

Stay Close to the Union’s website for accurate news from the University of Port Harcourt.. Click Here

We hereby, launch this platform for service to students and betterment of our dear union.
Uniport remains a unique brand.


Comr. Sowari Daniel Dikibo

(Executive President)


Egberibin Pereyi Manson

(Chief Press Secretary)

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