UNIPORT Post Utme Form 2020/2021 Session Is Out and How to Apply

The Management of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) calls on candidates who scored 180 and above in the year’s Jamb exam and chose it as the first choice to apply for the 2020/2021 Post Utme screening exercise.

The Jamb cut off mark for this year’s admission exercise has been fixed at 180. So, If you’re among the aspirants that selected Uniport as the First choice or plan to change Institution then this article will guide you on the admission process. Take your time and read everything here and grab as many pieces of information that will help you secure your admission into this great citadel of learning.

               In this article, we’ll break down every modality that should be complied with to have a successful Post Utme registration and we’ll also be talking about the University of Port Harcourt, because knowing the Institution, how they operate and their guidelines will go a long way in securing your admission

About The University of Port Harcourt (Uniport)


The University of Port Harcourt Is a Federal University In Port Harcourt City. It has been in existence since 1975. The University of Port Harcourt aims to be ranked amongst the best universities in Africa, renowned for its teaching, research, creativity, and innovation.

The Mission of the University of Port Harcourt is the pursuit of academic excellence, the advancement of knowledge and community service through quality teaching, life-long learning, social inclusion, strengthening civil society, and policy-relevant research that addresses the challenges of contemporary society. To achieve this mission, the University is guided by the spirit of enquiry, self-reliance, fairness, and ethical and professional standards of the disciplines.

The Philosophy of the University of Port Harcourt is a commitment to academic freedom, tolerance, probity, equal opportunity and respect for cultural diversity.

Does Uniport Write Post Utme?


Some aspirants would be wondering whether Uniport conducts Post Ume tests or they just screen candidates then admit. So we will make it clear… Yes, the University of Port Harcourt conducts a Post Utme screening exercise for a particular year in question. Since the Post Utme aptitude test lasts for only thirty(30) minutes then each question must be answered in less than a minute.

               Please note that Uniport Post Utme could be tricky, so you have to learn how to think fast.

Also, Mathematics is compulsory for everyone regardless of your course. Its recommended you go with your photo card and a pencil, this will aid you to do your calculations.

Note: Calculators are not allowed inside the exam hall. You may use the computer calculator If you’re very fast and up to the task.

Tips for a successful Uniport Post Utme exam

  • Leave no question unanswered
  • Once you have few minutes left, please rush through all unanswered questions and tick any options, you could be lucky, eight marks could go a long way in securing you a spot in Uniport merit list.

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When Is Uniport Post Utme Starting?


The University has opened its portal for 2020/2021 Post Utme registration. It was earlier published on the University website that registrations will commence on Monday 27th July 2020 and close on Friday, 28th August 2020.

How To Obtain UNIPORT Post Utme Form


  • Eligible candidates are to input UTME Registration Number and confirm pre-loaded UTME details.
  • Print out Payment Slip
  • Pay online or Proceed to any of the following Banks with Remita platform (ACCESS BANK PLC, ECOBANK PLC, FIDELITY BANK PLC, FIRST BANK PLC, FCMB, UBA PLC, AND UNIPORT-CHOBA MICROFINANCE BANK) and make payment of N2,000.00 only.
  • Obtain a Remita receipt showing an Access Code from the Bank Teller confirming the payment.
  • Proceed back online and Login with your UTME Registration Number and the Access Code on the payment slip.
  • Complete the Form online as requested.
  • Upload your passport photograph with red background not more than 1 x 1 inch.
  • Click on the “submit button” and print Photo Card for the Screening Exercise clearance

Note the date and time of Screening on the Photo Card.

Ensure to put a valid email and phone number.

For Technical support services send an email to putme2018@uniport.edu.ng

For further Enquiries: 08091153162, 08185945712, 08175125591

Visit UNIPORT Website For more information

Although, we are not certain when the Post Utme test will hold exactly. Details on the screening exercise for each Faculty, time and venue will be announced as soon as the Information is out.

Please Note This:

  • Inconsistency in name or picture on Registration Slip is not acceptable to the University and may lead to disqualification of affected candidates. Candidates’ names on their O’Level Certificates, UTME Results and other registration documents must be the same.
  • Candidates MUST be sixteen (16) years of age or above by October 2020, to be eligible for the exercise.
  • Mobile Phones, iPad, iPod, Walkman and similar gadgets or any extraneous materials will not be allowed into the Screening Venue and its environs.
  • Candidates must apply within the Registration Period as the online link for the Application Form will be disabled at MID-NIGHT ON FRIDAY, 28TH AUGUST, 2020.
  • Registration is online, therefore, candidates are not expected to be present physically on the University Campus, but advised to register from any location.
  • Candidates who chose the University as their second choice and wish to be considered for admission can apply for the Screening Exercise ONLY when they have made a change to the University of Port Harcourt as their First Choice. Such change must be made latest Friday, 21st August 2020.
  • Candidates must ensure that their O’Level results are uploaded to JAMB website as soon as possible as those who do not, will not be considered for admission.
  • Candidates must ensure that they register with their valid personal telephone (GSM) numbers and email addresses.
  • When the Screening Exercise is scheduled Candidates must report to the designated Screening Venues as scheduled or risk disqualification.

For Technical Support Services during registration, send an email to putme2020@uniport.edu.ng

For further enquiries, please call any of the following numbers: 08123241152, 08116188834, 08116188840

Uniport Post Utme Screening 2020/2021


How Much Is UNIPORT Post UTME Form?


The approved amount by the University to purchase the Post Utme form is N2000 (Two thousand Naira only.) which is non refundable. This amount doesnt apply to cyber cafe charges or other services. Please don’t let anybody extort you, all payments are made at the bank or through remita payment gateway (online), so go with extra cash for other expenses that will come up.


Materials Needed for UNIPORT Post UTME Screening Exercise


Candidates are required to come with the following:

  • A clear copy of the Photo Card printed online and pen or pencil.

How Many Questions Are In Uniport Post Utme?


               Every candidate has a total of Fifty (50) questions to be answered. Uniport has a very friendly Post Utme software with an easy interface which isn’t so complicated for a first-time aspirant. It might surprise you to know that Uniport has a question bank filled with thousands of questions from various subjects, so don’t get surprised your friend seated next to you has an entirely different question from yours.

               Each question has eight (8) marks allocated to it, which brings the total score of Uniport Post Utme test to 400.

It is believed that Uniport Post Utme questions are Jamb questions from past years, but it’s been reshuffled and recycled on the Uniport system to screen their aspirants to test their knowledge. Each candidate will have to answer questions from five (5) subjects which relate to his or her discipline… This means an Agriculture aspirant will have English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology questions to tackle.

OK! Very Important. The Post Utme test is programmed to last for only 30 minutes, so it’s advised to make proper use of the little time you have, avoid distractions and also skip difficult questions and answer them later.

Note: Once you click submit or your time elapses, your score will be displayed to you on the monitor screen. A copy of your score will be stored on the database as well, you can access it at home or anywhere.


What Is Uniport Post Utme Cut-Off Mark?


The University of Port Harcourt administers Post Utme screening exercise each year and thousands of aspirants from various states in the country troop in to participate. It will interest you to know that some aspirants who scored 180 and above In Jamb would not make Uniport Post Utme.

               We all know the University cannot admit everybody, so each year after the Post Utme exams are over, a meeting is held to decide a general cut off mark.

The Post Utme cut off mark is determined on the overall performance of that set. From what we have seen so far, It’s clear that In 2017 the University of Port Harcourt approved 136 as Post Utme cut off mark, but as years progressed it dropped to 120 in 2018 and 2019 respectively

               Right now, we have no idea what Uniport Post Utme will look like.


How Is Uniport Post Utme Calculated?


We stated earlier on that Uniport Post Utme’s questions are Fifty (50) in number and each question and each carries just 8 marks. This means that the total score for all questions is 400 marks.

NOTE: There is something called “Aggregate Score”, It’s the average score that will determine If you’ll be considered for your main course or rather asked to pick the Uniport supplementary form when it’s advertised on the school website.

There is a formula to calculate your aggregate score… Jamb + Post Utme divided by 2.


Uniport Post Utme Past Questions


               We all know that early preparation is the key to scoring very high in any exam, Uniport is not an exception too, It’s just like every other exam but you need to read consistently. Over the years we always hear these sorts of questions;

  • Where can I get Uniport Post Utme Past Question?
  • Is Jamb past question enough to get prepared for Uniport Post Utme?

               Uniport is known for repeating Utme past questions from past years ranging from 1987 – 2000, so we advise that you study your Jamb past questions thoroughly from the beginning till date because your question can come from any of the previous years.


Does UNIPORT accept second choice? (2020/2021)


No, the University of Port Harcourt does not accept second choice candidaes. This issue of second choice not being given access to apply is not the fault of the university but from regulatory bodies such as Jamb, which has introduced Central Admission Processing Software – CAPS to keep proper track records of students being admitted.

So, If you happened to choose Uniport as second choice, apply for a change of institution. This is the only way you can be considered.

Uniport Post Utme Closing Date


The Post Utme form 2020/2021 registration will be closed on the 28th of August 2020. Note that once the University portal is closed there won’t be a chance to register any longer except the management of the University of Port Harcourt extends the deadline. Candidates who fail to register within the registration period will not be eligible to participate in the screening exercise.


Hope you gained a lot from this article, ask your questions using the comment box, we will respond to it.

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