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The University of Port Harcourt has determined that the following constitute indecent modes of dressing and cannot be tolerated In the university environment:

❌ Long and tight skirts which are slit in or at sides which reveals sensitive parts as the wearer moves on.

❎ Wearing of T-shirts with obscene captions and images.

❌ Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned leaving the wearer bare chested.

❎ Wearing of earrings by male students.

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1. Dress Quality

✅Avoid putting on short and skimpy dresses

❎ Body hugs, Show me your chest, Spaghetti wears and dresses exposing sensitive parts.

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2. Ethics

❎ Wearing of tight shorts and skirts that are above the knees is not allowed (except for sporting purposes)

❌ Tattered Jeans and Jeans with holes.

❎ Transparent and see-through dresses.

❌ Under clothing such as singlets worn publicly.

❎ Unkept appearance such as bushy hair and beards.


3. Wrong Clothing

❎ Tight fittings (Jeans, Skirts, Hipster, Patra, Hot pants, Lactra, Halter neck etc contour that reveal the contour of the body.)

❌ Dresses that makes it impossible to wear laboratory coats during practicals or participate actively in practicals.

❎ Plaiting or weaving of hair by male students.

❌ Wearing of coloured eye glasses in the classroom (except on medical grounds).

❎ Wearing of bathroom slippers to classroom (except on medical grounds).

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